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Chapter I, Volume 2 (All)

No. 29 Seiryuuou Saiga

  [No.]  29
[Name] Seiryuuou (Holy Dragon King) Saiga
[Power] 11
[Race] Holy Dragon Clan
[Special Move] Garyuutensei (self dragon sacred heaven)
[Special Move] garyuutensei (self dragon sacred heaven)
[Rival] Ryuuou Fafnir
“I can’t lose in a place like this!”
A vision of the previous emperor awakened Saiga to the power of the light dragon, but he shrunk before overwhelming power of Masterion…

No. 30 Daimadou Raisen

  [No.] 30
[Name] Daimadou (Great Sorcerer) Raisen
[Power] 12
[Race] Holy Dragon Clan
[Special Move] Tengaichikaku (horizon earth core)
[Data] Top general of the holy dragon clan, also known as “great sage.” He is also the master who taught swordsmanship and sorcery to generations of holy dragon kings.
[Rival] Mashougun Belial
“Saiga, leave this place to us!”
The disappearance of the previous emperor, and the four previous kings of the clans has born doubt and suspicion in each clan…

No. 31 Seiranken Shion

  [No.] 31
[Name] Seiranken (Conquering-Storm Sword) Shion
[Power] 10
[Race] Holy Dragon Clan
[Special Move] Shirai-issen (purple lightning flash)
[Data] General of the holy dragon clan.  Proficient at sword attacks that are like the raging billows of a storm. Also an apprentice of Raisen.
[Rival] Demon General Astaroth
“It seems now is not the time to be fighting with the beast-fang clan…”
Shion stopped advancing on the beast-fang clan and returned to holy dragon clan territory. Under Raisen, she’s redoing the battle formation.

No. 32 Daishisai Miko-baba

  [No.] 32
[Name] Daishisai (High Priestess) Miko-baba
[Power] 3
[Race] Holy Dragon Clan
[Special Move] Chie Monju (Transcendent Wisdom)
[Data] Elder and high priestess of the town that protects the shrine of the holy dragon tree. Toukasen Miyabi’s grandmother.
[Rival] x
“The holy dragon tree is crying…”
Raisen is a greater sorcerer, but it seems he is also a master swordsman who taught Saiga his swordsmanship!

No. 33 Gambi

  [No.] 33
[Name] Gambi
[Power] 4
[Race] Primeval Monster
[Special Move] blue fireball
[Data] A monster that lives on the outskirts of the eastern region of the holy dragon clan’s territory. It has the legendary secret treasure “holy dragon stone” inside its chest.
[Partner] Toukasen Miyabi
It seems Masterion has something to do with the disappearance of Saiga’s father, the previous holy dragon king!

No. 34 Mushru

  [No.] 34
[Name] Mushru
[Power] 2
[Race] Primeval Monster
[Special Move] Champignon Maid
[Data]  A monster that inhabits the wetlands of the eastern region. Spreads spores in the forest, and propagates mushrooms.
[Rival ]x
It seems the wicked presence that each clan’s guardian beast sensed was Masterion!

No. 35 Hyakujuu-Shougun Ortiga

  [No.] 35
[Name] Hyakujuu-Shougun (General of 100 beasts) Ortiga
[Power] 9
[Race] Beast-Fang Clan
[Special Move] Dandadan (bullet-striking cut)
[Data] Though neither victorious nor defeated in the battle with the holy dragon clan, he powered up to a 100 beast general by overcoming the flames of war!
[Rival] Haganken Tesshin
“It can’t be helped. Let’s have another bout again sometime, youngster!”
Due to a secret conference between Zetsuei of the Holy Dragon Clan, and Setsuna of the Beast-Fang Clan, a truce has been made.

No. 36 Brave General Corandom

  [No.] 36
[Name] Brave General Corandom
[Power] 9
[Race] Beast-Fang Clan
[Special Move] Ichimoudajin (1 net striking sword)
[Data] General of the beast-fang clan. A brave men who takes on many opponents at once.  War buddy of Edgar, an old friend.
[Rival] Ninja Master Zetsuei
“You sure are strong. My fists are burning!”
A sudden armistice. It seems the situation is moving in another direction…

No. 37 Cavalry Jaccus

  [No.] 37
[Name] Cavalry Jaccus
[Power] 7
[Race] Beast-Fang Clan
[Special Move]  Kimaransou  (demon horse chaos spear)
[Data]  A mounted bandit who lives in the mountains of the western region.  A feral child who also serves as a horse-riding soldier and guard of the beast-fang clan.
[Rival] Holy Dragon Clan
“Hey. Hey! I’m gonna grab the holy dragons’ land while I’m at it!”
It seems that Edgar wasn’t convinced by Saiga’s sudden retreat from the front!

No. 38 Gantetsu the Blacksmith

  [No.] 38
[Name] Gantetsu the Blacksmith
[Power] 3
[Race] Beast-fang Clan
[Special Move] Ganko Ittetsu (stubborn iron)
[Data] A monkey-type beastman blacksmith of the beast-fang clan. He makes the special weapons of the beast-fang clan.
[Rival] x
“Hnn! Hnn! Hnn!”
As for the beast-fang tribe, the smithing and iron industry is prosperous, so it seems there are lot of smiths!

No. 39 Koromin

  [No.] 39
[Name] Koromin
[Power] 2
[Race] Primeval Monster
[Special Move] Tail Koromin
[Data]  A monster inhabiting the forest of the western region. It can change form using its two tails.
[Partner] Natarja
“kon kon, kororin!”
It seems Ortiga’s armor was given to him as proof of friendship by the Armored-Gauze clan when they cemented an alliance!

No. 40 Banchuk

  [No.] 40
[Name] Banchuk
[Power] 3
[Race] Primeval Monster
[Special Move] Dancing Recital
[Data] A monster that inhabits the mountains of the western region. It induces sleep with a mysterious dance.
[Rival] x
“Quick! Quick! Turn quick!”
It seems Jaccus of the beast-fang clan’s vanguard is still running swiftly with no knowledge of the armistice!

No. 41 Shinsei Kishi Narsus

  [No.] 41
[Name] Shinsei Kishi (Sacred Knight) Narsus
[Power] 9
[Race] Flying-heaven Clan
[Special Move] Alto Staccato
[Data] General of the flying-heaven clan. Refined and graceful, with wide-knowledge and talents, but narcissism is the flaw in gem.
[Rival] Kenkakusei (Sword Horn Star) Achilles
“Lord Alex, let our army make a temporary retreat as well!”
The guardian beast who rules the skies above the southern region, Vanfares, has confirmed dark forces approaching from the center of the continent!

No. 42 Ankoku Kishi Shade

  [No.] 42
[Name] Ankoku Kishi (Dark Knight) Shade
[Power] 8
[Race]Flying-heaven Clan
[Special Move] ad hoc
[Data] A swordsman in the royal guard of the flying-heaven clan. Has black, beast-like wings which are rare…
[Rival] ?
“…Now things are getting interesting!”
Received news of the armistice from an envoy of the holy dragon clan, and acknowledged the existence of another force approaching!

No. 43 Claudia

  [No.] 43
[Name] Claudia
[Power] 4
[Race] Flying-heaven Clan
[Special Move] Nozelmente
[Data] An attractive noble daughter. Not only is she beautiful, she’s also a skilled fighter.
[Partner] Rekka
“I wonder why Shade’s wings are black, and pointed…”
It seems Rekka always stays with her because she’s concerned about her innocent personality!

No. 44 Rekka

  [No.] 44
[Name] Rekka
[Power] 5
[Race] Elemental
[Special Move] Rekkaken (raging-fire fist)
[Data] An elemental that lives in the volcanic area of the southern region. Has a belligerent personality and gets easily carried away.
[Partner] Claudia
“Don’t come crying to me later on!”
It seems that Claudia has some secret feelings for Shade!

No. 45 Bahamekia

  [No.] 45
[Name] Bahamekia
[Power] 7
[Race] Primeval Monster
[Special Move] Noble Spark
[Data] Lord of the outskirts of the southern region’s volcanic area. It’s whole body gives off great heat and just approaching it is a herculean task.
[Rival] x
“gugogogo… Who is it? Who disturbs my slumber!”
It seems that head Steward Sheep is concerned about Shade’s incomprehensible actions and is watching him from the shadows!

No. 46 Feathered

  [No.] 46
[Name] Feathered
[Power] 3
[Race] Primeval Monster
[Special Move] Flying Blow
[Data] A monster that inhabits the forests of the southern region. The poison in its beak confuses those pierced.
[Rival] x
Narsus has been a general since the era of the previous Flying-Heaven King, and in spite of his young looks, it seems he’s actually pretty old!

No. 47 Kikouou Sirius

  [No.] 47
[Name] Kikouou (Radiant Twinkling King) Sirius
[Power] 14
[Race] Armored-Gauze Clan
[Special Move] Zodiac Breaker
[Data] Realizing the truth behind the war was in the central kingdom, he named himself kikouou, and is itching to defeat Masterion!
[Rival] Emperor Masterion
“Masterion is the enemy! Get ready!”
By uncovering that the previous emperor’s disappearance was Masterion’s scheme, he cleared away the various suspicions of each clan!

No. 48 Armored-Gauze King Polaris

  [No.] 48
[Name] Armored-Gauze King Polaris
[Power] 11
[Race] Armored-Gauze Clan
[Special Move] Grand Drive
[Data] Polaris covered in new armor, with an evolved weapon. Swearing on the name of her clan, she opposes the true enemy!
[Rival] Jaou (Serpent King) Nidhogg
“I don’t like fighting… Let’s hurry up and get it over with!”
After hearing the news from Sirius, the Holy Dragon and Armored-Gauze clans quickly grasped the situation. A new war against the true enemy that’s approaching begins!

No. 49 Kenkakusei Achilles

  [No.] 49
[Name] Kenkakusei (Sword Horn Star) Achilles
[Power] 9
[Race] Armored-Gauze Clan
[Special Move] Cross Sasber
[Data] General of “big dipper” second star group. The leader of a super offensive star group that dual wields weapons.
[Rival] Holy Knight Narsus
“Boring! Aren’t there any braver opponents!?”
After uncovering the truth about Masterion, Sirius called for a truce among the 4 clans and special preparations.

No. 50 Manipulator Geefa

  [No.] 50
[Name] Manipulator Geefa
[Power] 6
[Race] Armored-Gauze Clan
[Special Move] Scissors Doll
[Data] A member of the armored-gauze clan’s 5th star group. Manipulates dolls and mocks his enemies.
[Partner] Gunner Bullet
“Fu, can you dodge my attack!”
It seems Geefa and Bullet were at the star group training grounds at the same time!

No. 51 Gunner Bullet

  [No.] 51
[Name] Gunner Bullet
[Power] 6
[Race] Armored-Gauze Clan
[Special Move] Bullet Revolver
[Data] A member of the 6th star group of the armored-gauze clan. Attacks the enemy with skillful gunplay.
[Partner] Manipulator Geefa
“Whoa, I feel great today! It’s no use running away!”
It seems Polaris won’t forgive her elder brother Sirius’ selfish actions!

No. 52 Galmus

  [No.] 52
[Name] Galmus
[Power] 4
[Race] Mech Soldier
[Special Move] heat tail
[Data] A guard-beast type robot developed by Zepel. Mass produced as gate guards.
[Rival] x
“Intruder detected!  Attack Mode! Confirm the enemy!”
It seems the greatest force of the armored-gauze clan “big dipper” was established by the previous armored-gauze king!

No. 53 Demon General Belial

  [No.] 53
[Name] Demon General (Mashougun) Belial
[Power] 10
[Race] Imperial Demon Clan
[Special Move] Kokushimusou (black climax dream concert)
[Data] General of the imperial demon clan. A high rank imperial demon with horns, tails, wings, and shells, characteristics of all four clans of the earth.
[Rival] Great Wizard Raisen
“Now… play time is over!”
Masterion formed the imperial demon clan with monsters he summoned! Based in the central kingdom, they plot world conquest!

No. 54 Demon General Astaroth

  [No.] 54
[Name] Demon General (Mashougun) Astaroth
[Power] 9
[Race] Imperial Demon Clan
[Special Move] Gekkahyoujin (lunar calamity ice blade)
[Data] General of the imperial demon clan. A high rank imperial demon who rules demonic creatures. She leads many monsters to invade various places.
[Rival] Seiranken Sion
“I’ll let you taste the greatest fear!”
It seems the powerful Masterion lost his complete power when advancing from the demon realm to the surface world…

No. 55 Bone Master

  [No.] 55
[Name] Bone Master
[Power] 7
[Race] Imperial Demon Clan
[Special Move] Desperate Rhapsody
[Data] A mid-rank imperial demon that possesses vast magic power and deep knowledge. He’s also Masterion’s shadow agent.
[Partner] Demon General Belial
Bone Master
“keke! Edgar, you can never be the strongest! Not as long as Saiga lives…”
It seems that Bone Master spread misinformation to cause suspicions among the kings of each clan under orders from Masterion!

No. 56 Gyuuki

  [No.] 56
[Name] Gyuuki
[Power] 5
[Race] Imperial Demon Clan
[Special Move] Mad Jam
[Data] Low rank demon of the imperial demon clan. Even though it’s low rank, it possesses power incomparable to that of monsters from the surface world.
[Partner] Demon General Astaroth
“Gofu! Gofu! Lady Astaroth…”
In the central kingdom there is a door that leads to another world. It seems there is a barrier between it and the surface world!

SP Dragon King Fafnir

  [No.] SP
[Name] Dragon King Fafnir
[Power] 12
[Race] Imperial Demon Clan
[Special Move] Rudora Cyclone
[Data] One of the big four of the imperial demon clan. Protects the eastern gate of the central kingdom. A magic warrior that soars the skies with dragon wings.
[Rival] Seiryuuou Saiga
“…Saiga… Holy dragon king…”
In order to regain his full power, Masterion is lurking within the central kingdom, using a wicked power to summon monsters from the demon realm.

SP Serpent King Nidhogg

  [No.] SP
[Name] Serpent King Nidhogg
[Power] 12
[Race] Imperial Demon Clan
[Special Move] Maelstrom
[Data] One of the imperial demon clan’s big four that guard’s the central kingdom’s north gate.  A powerful fighter with 2 giant swords.
[Rival] Armored-Gauze King Polaris
“…Isn’t Sirius the armored-gauze king…?”
Masterion sent the imperial demon clan’s big four to defeat the kings of the four clans.

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