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Chapter I, Volume 1 (All)

No. 1 Seiryuuou Saiga

  [No.] 01
Seiryuuou (Holy Dragon King) Saiga
[Power] 10
[Race] Holy Dragon Clan
[Special Move]  Shichitenbattou  (7 heavens striking sword)
[Data] King of the holy dragon clan, a big magic nation. A magic swordsmans possesses the legendary sword “shichishitou” (7 branch sword).
[Rival] Juugaou (beast fang king) Edgar
“I won’t forgive those who disrupt the world’s harmony!”
Saiga’s war to reunite the four divided forces begins now.


An early version of the card had a misprint, calling him “Soryuuou” (Blue Dragon King) on the front rather than the intended “Seiryuuou” (Holy Dragon King).

No. 2 Toukasen Miyabi


[No.] 02
[Name] Toukasen (Peach Blossom Wizard)  Miyabi
[Power] 9
[Race] Holy Dragon Clan
[Special Move] Hyakka Ryouran (100s of flowers blooming in profusion)
[Data] Saiga’s childhood friend. She can use cards to summon monsters.
[Rival] Kairaou (Armored King) Polaris
“Elementals that dwell in the atmosphere… protect everyone!”
With an alliance cemented between the Holy Dragon Clan and the Flying Heaven Clan, both of which have magic power, an enormous magic power is born!

No. 3 Haganken Tesshin


[No.] 03
[Name] Haganken (Rock Crushing Fist) Tesshin
[Power] 8
[Race] Holy Dragon Clan
[Special Move] Hagan’isshou  (Rock Crushing Impact)
[Data] An assistant instructor at Tesshin Dojo. Second only to Saiga when it comes to jiujitsu proficiency.
[Rival] Juushou (Beast General) Ortiga
“Howl, these fists do! Eat this special attack : Hagan’isshou!!”
The horns peculiar to the holy dragon clan produce stronger magic power the larger they are!

No. 4 Ninja Master Zetsuei

  [No.] 04
[Name] Ninja Master Zetsuei
[Power] 8
[Race] Holy Dragon Clan
[Special Move] Shippuu Jinrai (swiftwind lightning speed)
[Data] Leader of the holy dragon clan’s secret unit, “roushuu” (hazy masses). His background is shrouded in mystery…
[Partner] Seiryuuou Saiga
It seems only Saiga the king has seen Zetsuei’s true identity!

No. 5 Konoha

  [No.] 05
[Name] Konoha
[Power] 4
[Race] Elemental
[Special Move] Zephyr of Healing
[Data] The elemental of the “holy dragon tree” handed down from ancient times. She’s being perpetually summoned by Miyabi.
[Partner] Toukasen Miyabi
“Lately, the forest has been especially restless…!?”
The sword held by Saiga shichishitou only unleashes its true power after 2 are both together!

No. 6 Gassha

  [No.] 06
[Name] Gassha
[Power] 2
[Race] Primeval Monster
[Special Move] bite bite crush
[Data] A monster that lives in the eastern region. It makes a strange cry while approaching.
[Rival] x
It seems that gassha doesn’t advance straight ahead!

No. 7 Hiden

  [No.] 07
[Name] Hiden (flying lightning)
[Power] 8
[Race] Guardian Beast
[Special Move] Lightning Orb
[Data] The holy dragon king’s guardian beast. He can summon thunder clouds and manipulate the atmosphere.
[Partner] Seiryuuou Saiga
“My power, for my master’s sake…!”
It seems he senses a wicked presence in the middle of the continent…

No. 8 Juugaou Edgar

  [No.] 08
[Name] Juugaou (Beast Fang King) Edgar
[Power] 10
[Race]  Beast Fang Clan
[Special Move] Moukoranbu  (Fierce Tiger War Dance )
[Data] The king of the beast fang clan, who pride themselves on having the greatest physical abilities on the continent. His strength can even overpower Saiga.
[Rival] Seiryuuou Saiga
“Saigaaa! Are you stronger than me!?”
War potential increased dramatically by cementing an alliance with the Kaira (Armored Gauze) Clan who lead an armed group!

No. 9 Setsuna the Sober

  [No.] 09
[Name] Setsuna the Sober
[Power] 9
[Race] Beast Fang Clan
[Special Move]  Kuinshouha  (destructive force of 9 seals)
[Data]  Tactician of the Beast-fang tribe. Even Edgar relies on his clever tactics.
[Rival] Hiten’ou Alex
“Now, it’s the start of a fun game!”
The beast-fang clan, who have ears and tails like beasts, possess super human strength!

No. 10 Juushou Ortiga

  [No.] 10
[Name] Juushou Ortiga
[Power] 8
[Race] Beast-Fang Clan
[Special Move] Shishifunjin (lion invigorating quiver)
[Data] The general of the beast-fang tribe, nicknamed “white lion of the wastes”
[Rival] Haganken Tesshin
“This lion will fight until his life comes to an end!”
It seems there are some among the beast-fang clan whose form changes depending on how they’re fighting!

No. 11 Natarja

  [No.] 11
[Name] Natarja
[Power] 5
[Race] Beast-fang Clan
[Special Move] Sonic Spiral
[Data]  The best beast master in the beast-fang clan. Actually, rumor has it that she’s a monster collector…
[Rival] Hikenshi Padol
“I’ve decided that you will be my next target!”
Lately it seems that Natarja prefers cute monsters!

No. 12 Lard

  [No.] 12
[Name]  Lard
[Power] 4
[Race] Primeval Monster
[Special Move] Oil Panic
[Data] A monster that threatens towns in the western region. Loves oil.
[Rival] x
“Oh my~, huh~!?”
It seems there’s a monster with a body of mud in the western region!

No. 13 Doroll

  [No.] 13
[Name] Doroll *t/n: doro means mud
[Power] 3
[Race] Primeval Monster
[Special Move] Dororin Attack
[Data] A monster that lives in the wetlands of the western region. Possesses unusual strength.
[Rival] x
“doro doro dorro-n!”
It seems the dorolls have some connection with the golems spoken of in ancient legends!


“Doro” means “mud”.

No. 14 Zexid

  [No.] 14
[Name] Zexid
[Power] 8
[Race] Guardian Beast
[Special Move] Tetsuzansou (iron-cutting claw)
[Data] Guardian beast of the beast-fang king. Excels at speedy attacks with its claws and teeth.
[Partner] Juugaou Edgar
“Don’t hesitate. I’ll lend you my power!”
It seems he senses an air of stagnation, not from the east, but from the center of the continent…

No. 15 Hiten’ou Alex

  [No.] 15
[Name] Hiten’ou (Flying-Heaven King ) Alex
[Power] 10
[Race] Flying-Heaven Clan
[Special Move] Flame / Storm
[Data] The king of the winged flying-heaven clan. Also a famous tactician with a genius-level intellect.
[Rival] Setsuna the Sober
“Please leave it to me. I don’t feel like losing!”
In order to end the war in the early stages, Alex has allied with the Holy-Dragon Clan and gone off to the front!

No. 16 Sleeping Princess Alma

  [No.]  16
[Name] Sleeping Princess Alma
[Power] 1
[Race] Flying-Heaven Clan
[Special Move] x
[Data] Alex’s younger sister. She has the 6 wings of legend, and the greatest magic power in the entire clan, but…
[Partner] Hiten’ou Alex
“My dear brother… Why is everyone fighting? “
Alma’s hidden power is so immense that she can’t control her body or mind…

No. 17 Head Steward Sheep

  [No.] 17
[Name] Head Steward Sheep
[Power] 5
[Race] Flying-Heaven Clan
[Special Move] Inner Technique / sword of un-falling tip
[Data] Currently supporting supporting Alex as head steward, but formerly a master of fencing.
[Rival] Koukakusei Atlas
“Yes, things have gotten a bit troublesome…”
The magic power of a flying-heaven clansman is proportional to the number of wings!

No. 18 Hikenshi Pador

  [No.] 18
[Name] Hikenshi (Flying Swordsman) Pador
[Power] 7
[Race] Flying-Heaven Clan
[Special Move] Sky Waltz
[Data] Alex’s childhood friend. Although it’s hard to imagine from his appearance, he possesses quick wits.
[Rival] Natarja
“I’ll ambush from the sky!”
When it comes to swordsmanship, it seems not even the previous flying-heaven king could outdo Sheep!

No. 19 Poron

  [No.] 19
[Name] Poron
[Power] 4
[Race] Elemental
[Special Move] Healing Torch
[Data] An elemental passed down from the southern region.  A chick of the holy fire bird. It’s grown fond of Alma.
[Partner] Sleeping Princess Alma
“Alma, let’s play! Alma, let’s play!”
The flying-heaven clan possesses the unique ability to soar through the skies, so they excel at aerial combat!

No. 20 Hiraarin

  [No.] 20
[Name] Hiraarin
[Power] 3
[Race] Primeval Monster
[Special Move] Dance of Big Wing Mid-air Killing Method
[Data] A monster that inhabits the mountains of the southern region. It can cause magic wind with both wings.
[Rival] x
“hiraari, hiraari”
It seems nobody has ever seen a hiraarin during the daytime!

No. 21 Vanfares

  [No.] 21
[Name] Vanfares
[Power] 8
[Race] Guardian Beast
[Special Move] Bicban Tornado
[Data] Guardian beast of the flying-heaven king. Soars with giant wings, ruling the skies of the southern region.
[Partner] Hiten’ou Alex
“Those who command the skies, command the earth as well!”
It seems he can keenly sense “the power” not from the north, or the east, but from the center of the continent…

No. 22 Kairaou Polaris

  [No.]  22
[Name] Kairaou (Armored-Gauze King) Polaris
[Power] 10
[Race] Armored-Gauze Clan
[Special Move] Grand Wave
[Data]  Queen of the armored-gauze clan which boasts the greatest military might. Leads the armored-gauze clan in place of her elder brother Sirius.
[Rival] Toukasen Miyabi
“What is bro trying to do…?”
Since the Armored-Gauze Clan and Beast-Fang Clan both take pride in battle, they have cemented an alliance!

No. 23 Kikousei Sirius

  [No.] 23
[Name] Kikousei (Raidant Twinkling Star) Sirius
[Power] 11
[Race] Armored-Gauze Clan
[Special Move] Freedom / Energy
[Data] Polaris’ twin brother. He withdrew from the war himself, but his objective remains a mystery…
[Rival] Emperor Masterion
“…But, Masterion, it’s strange…”
Sirius watches over Polaris from the shadows on the one hand, while searching for the truth behind the war.

No. 24 Koukakusei Atlas

  [No.] 24
[Name] Koukakusei (armored-horn star) Atlas
[Power] 9
[Race] Armored-Gauze Clan
[Special Move] Star Lancer
[Data] Leader of the greatest force of the armored-gauze clan, “big dipper.”  Has an excellent eye for strategy.
[Rival] Head Steward Sheep
“In the name of big dipper, I will protect the armored-gauze king no matter what!
The strongest unit “big dipper” is fully armed and armored, and is comprised of 7 members!

No. 25 Zepel

  [No.] 25
[Name] Zepel
[Power] 3
[Race] Armored-Gauze Clan
[Special Move] x
[Data] Mecha Technician. He’s stubborn, but his skills are top-notch. He’s entrusted with repairing the robots.
[Partner] Crip
“Crip! It’s too early for you to fight!!”
Compared to the other clans, the armored-gauze clanhave long life spans. They excel at endurance and recovery!

No. 26 Crip

  [No.] 26
[Name] Crip
[Power] 2
[Race] Mech clan
[Special Move] Drill Punch
[Data] Zepel’s assistant.  Training daily to become a bodyguard.
[Partner] Zepel
“Orion, strong!  I want to get strong too!”
It seems there was a city ruled by robots in the northern region in the remote past!

No. 27 Swim

  [No.] 27
[Name] Swim
[Power] 2
[Race] Primeval Monster
[Special Move] Crawl Charge
[Data]  A monster that inhabits the seas of the northern region. Once it starts running, it doesn’t stop.
[Rival] x
“Swi~m, Swi~m”
It seems swim dashes on land with 2 legs!

No. 28 Kyoheishi Orion

  [No.] 28
[Name] Kyoheishi (giant soldier) Orion
[Power] 8
[Race] Mech clan
[Special Move] Gatling Arm
[Data] A giant robot discovered in ancient ruins. Reactivated to guard the armored-gauze king!
[Partner] Kairaou Polaris
“Emergency. Unidentified reaction in the southern sky!”
Discovered in the deepest part of the ruins in a non-functioning state, Kyoheishi Oberion was repaired by Zepel!

SP Emperor Masterion

  [No.] SP
[Name] Emperor Masterion
[Power] ?
[Race] ?
[Special Move] Dark Blaster
[Data] Unifier of the four clans. But the truth behind him is…
[Rival] ?
Murderer of the previous emperor. The man behind the division of the country. Claimed the imperial throne for himself, and threw the 4 races into chaos…

SP Kouryuuou Saiga

  [No.]  SP
[Name] Kouryuuou (Light Dragon King) Saiga
[Power] 12
[Race] Holy Dragon Clan
[Special Move] Souryuubattouken  (Twin-Dragon Striking Sword)
[Data] Saiga, after awakening to the power of the light dragon. Powered up wearing gold armor!
[Rival] Emperor Masterion
“Masterion! I’ll reveal your true colors!”
A powered up Saiga challenges the ringleader responsible for the war, Masterion!

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Translations by Brolen (nsfw)

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