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8Pillars PR


8Pillars PR
Card Name: Daimaoh Ark (Overlord Ark)
Pow: 50
Name: Ark Matheus <Male>
Race: Demon [Vice] <Great Demon Lord>
Attribute: Magic, Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Wood, Gold, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Ice
Weapon: Maken Gram (Demon Sword Gram)
Rules: Solomon Continent
Special Skill: Chouzetsu Ark Blaster (Super Absolute Ark Blaster)
The Overlord who stands at the top of the demon race. He commands the Seven Demon Lords and rules over the whole continent of Solomon.
There once existed a place called the Solomon Continent where humans and demons lived. The land was ruled by the demon, Overlord Ark. However, there were humans who thought bitterly of this, and secretly plotted to take over his rule. It was then that the hero, Heero, and his allies raised their swords! Using the power of the “Eight Pillar Pieces”, they were able to defeat the Overlord! Thus the demons began to wane in strength, and the Age of Humans began!! Or so it was supposed to be…
“Magnificent, Hero and allies! To be able to defeat me as mere humans, you have my praise!”


Translator: “‘Great Demon Lord’ [Daimaoh] is kinda long considering they use the word aaaall the time, so taking a hint from official Disgaea translations, I elected to use Overlord instead.”

Aside from this card (Crystal Rare), there are five other variants of the same card, with the same information on the back. Three of them could be found in regular Shinra Bansho Chocolate packs, the others magazine/store exclusive versions.

Each of these have some type of “Mirage” holographic effect, which can’t be reproduced properly in scans.

All scans from
Translations by Eis
Shinra Bansho Choco is a property of Bandai.
All trademarks and copyrights referred to on this site are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

 Mirage Rare


 Mirage Rare – Another


 Super Mirage Rare


 P03 Daimaoh Ark (CoroCoro Limited Metal Red Ver.)


 P04 Daimaoh Ark (7-Eleven Limited Greed Color Ver.)



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