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8Pillars 027 Majo Babaroa


8Pillars 027
Card Name: Majo Babaroa (Witch Babaroa)
Pow: 5
Name: Babaroa Barbarah <Female>
Race: Demon [Lust] <Baroness>
Attribute: Wood
Weapon: Love-Hate Staff “Janenma”
Client: Yuusha Heero
Special Skill: Evil Flavor
An old granny who gets by through fortune telling. She only cares about money, and depending on the price will even gladly take on human clients.
“Heeheehee… As long as you pay, I’ll do any type of fortune telling… I’ll do it all, be it finding lost items or divination of the future”

“Tell me where the seven stolen Pillar Pieces are!”

Wafer: It seems that after Ark powered up from the Pillar Piece’s unsealing, he won his fight against the Juumaoh with a strike from his true finisher sword technique!
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Translations by Eis
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