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8Pillars 026 Youka Douke Fiolate


8Pillars 026
Card Name: Youka Douke Fiolate (Bewitching Flower Clown Fiolate)
Pow: 6
Name: Fiolate <Male>
Race: Demon [Lust] <Viscount>
Attribute: Wood
Treasure: Seven-Colored Honey
Versus: Mahou Tsukai Magicko
Special Skill: Vine Binding
A clown who freely controls plants. He lures his prey with the sweet smell of honey, and mesmerizes humans with his merry dancing.
“Looks like I’ve caught some greedy looking prey! Now then, who will fall victim to my vines?”

“You sure have a pretty flammable face!”

Wafer: It seems Heero, who witnessed the Juumaoh’s incredible strength, had no choice but to unseal the Pillar Piece!
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Translations by Eis
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