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8Pillars 025 Shiro Ari Danshaku Termitis


8Pillars 025
Card Name: Shiro Ari Danshaku Termitis (Termite Baron Termitis)
Pow: 7
Name: Termitis <Male>
Race: Demon [Gluttony] <Baron>
Attribute: Gold
Weapon: Battlespear “Antler”
Versus: Souryou Myst
Special Skill: Hyakuretsu Spear (Hundred Fissure Spear)
A mercenary who works for the Armored Horn Viscount. He has terrible eating habits, and loves to eat human architecture.
“You’re still chasing me!? That’s persistant!”

“There’s no escape! For the sins of munching on our adored Saint’s statue… not even repentance will bring you forgiveness!”

Wafer: Juumaoh assaults Ark! With such overwhelming difference in magical power, even Ark is pressed one-sidedly to the defensive!
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Translations by Eis
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