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8Pillars 024 Gaikaku Shishaku Rabeo


8Pillars 024
Card Name: Gaikaku Shishaku Rabeo (Armored Horn Viscount Rabeo)
Pow: 8
Name: Rabeo Kabutoron <Male>
Race: Demon [Gluttony] <Viscount>
Attribute: Gold
Weapon: Armored Horn Viscount’s Horn
Versus: Senshi Ikusa
Special Skill: Vice Claw
A warrior of steel who makes his home in the forest. He loves sweets and will indiscriminately attack anyone who carries around candy.
“If you value your life, hand me the sweets you’re hiding!!”

“Don’t joke around! I can’t live without strawberry daifuku!!”

Wafer: Arcana began her battle with the Light Winged Flame Dancer! It seems she dominated her with overwhelming power!
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