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8Pillars 022 Penguin Danshaku Agmous


8Pilars 022
Card Name: Penguin Danshaku Agmous (Penguin Baron Agmous)
Pow: 5
Name: Agmous Pingween <Male>
Race: Demon [Greed] <Baron>
Attribute: Ice
Weapon: Freeze Cannon “Ice Bazooka”
Versus: Polar Bear Baron Bearlard
Special Skill: Freeze Crash
An intelligent magical beast who makes his home in the far south. He is on bad terms with the Polar Bear Baron and is engaged in bloody battle everyday.
“Listen, Master Overlord! It’s all Bearlard’s fault!”

“You’re hiding something aren’t you? Tell me the truth”

Wafer: It seems while traveling, Ark cleanly settled a fight between the Penguin Baron and Polar Bear Baron!
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Translations by Eis
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