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8Pillars 021 Kaima Danshaku Caldodimo


8Pillars 021
Card Name: Kaima Danshaku Caldodimo (Mystery Demon Baron Caldodimo)
Pow: 5
Name: Caldodimo Rudoferno <Male>
Race: Demon [Sloth] <Baron>
Attribute: Fire
Weapon: Trident “Deadfork”
Versus: Priest Myst
Special Skill: Dark Stab
A lazy teenage demon. He enjoys appearing before human workers and interfering with their work.
“Why don’t you stop doing those bothersome things and play with mee~?”

“Is that the signal for salvation? Good! Let me teach you the joy of sweat-inducing work!!”

Wafer: It seems that the Octopus Viscount and Lobster Baron who were behind crimes in the Lake of Lament were punished by Heero and Ikusa!
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Translations by Eis
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