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8Pillars 020 Youma Shishaku Littlebee


8Pillars 020
Card Name: Youma Shishaku Littlebee (Ghostly Demon Viscount Littlebee)
Pow: 7
Name: Littlebee Littlelittle <Male>
Race: Demon [Sloth] <Viscount>
Attribute: Dark
Weapon: Trident “Ijiwaaru”
Versus: Mahou Tsukai Magicko
Special Skill: Trick the Shadow
A little demon who greatly enjoys tricking people. He is absorbed with causing mischief in the Human Realm.
“Gotcha again! It’s me! Littlebee!”

“…You’ve got guts to pick a fight with me! Burnt to a crisp or frozen like a popsicle, take your pick!!

Wafer: It seems like the Armored Horn Viscount and Termite Baron who were behind crimes in the Forest of the Lost were punished by Ikusa and Myst!
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Translations by Eis
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