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8Pillars 019 Ebi Danshaku Scrimp


8Pillars 019
Card Name: Ebi Danshaku Scrimp (Lobster Baron Scrimp)
Pow: 6
 Name: Scrimp Oki Amigo <Male>
Race: Demon [Envy] <Baron>
Attribute: Water
Tool: Lobster Baron’s Hat
Versus: Warrior Ikusa
Special Skill: Dappigawarimi no Jutsu (Shedding Body Replacement Technique)
A water demon who migrates to the lake shallows. Slow and cowardly, but if chased too far, he will lead one to the Demon Octopus Viscount.
“Eeep! Stop chasing me, you lowlife!”

“Alright, ok… I definitely won’t forgive you now!!”

Wafer: The Steel Dragon Viscount attacks the Punishers in the Cave of Darkness! But it seems he is defeated by Ark’s finisher sword technique!
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Translations by Eis
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