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8Pillars 018 Matako Shishaku Taccold


8Pillars 018
Card Name: Matako Shishaku Taccold (Demon Octopus Taccold)
Pow: 8
 Name: Taccold Umi Bouzu <Male>
Race: Demon [Envy] <Viscount>
Attribute: Water
Weapon: Sea Spear “Octopile”
Versus: Yuusha Heero
Special Skill: Spiral Wave
A water demon who makes his home near the banks of a lake. He spits ink from his mouth to blind his targets, and uses his long tentacles to entangle his prey.
“Its been a long time since I’ve had prey… Don’t even think you can get away from me!”

“The one who can’t escape is you! I’ll show you who the real prey is!!

Wafer: The Bewitching Flower Clown attacks the Punishers at the Plains of Illusion! But it seems he is defeated by Magicko’s magic flames!
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