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8Pillars 017 Kouryu Shishaku Basalt


8Pillars 017
Card Name: Kouryu Shishaku Basalt (Steel Dragon Viscount Basalt)
Pow: 9
Name: Basalt Crom <Male>
Race: Demon [Wrath] <Viscount>
Attribute: Gold
Treasure: Steel Dragon’s Quad Horns
Versus: Makenshi Ark
Special Skill: Screw Bowling
A demonic dragon hiding within the ore mines. It prefers to eat hard minerals, and the eaten minerals will change into its scales.
“Not even your sword or blades can match against my steel scales!”

“Why don’t we test it out? If you lose, you’ll have to promise never again to attack humans without reason!”

Wafer: It seems the Heartbroken Angel who was behind crimes in the Human Realm was severely punished and scolded by Ark!
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Translations by Eis
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