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8Pillars 015 Gouha Suima Morax


8Pillars 015
Card Name: Gouha Suima Morax (Roaring Wave Water Demon Morax)
Pow: 18
Name: Morax <Male>
Race: Demon [Greed] <Count>
Attribute: Magic, Water, Gold
Weapon: Gouha Sensai “Minotaurus” (Roaring Wave Battle-Axe Minotaurus)
Versus: Makenshi Ark
Special Skill: Deadly Wave
One of Juumaoh’s officers. A monstrous knight who controls water and alchemy, who is said to be the strongest in strength among the demons of Greed.
“I see, as is expected of Master Ark, the former Overlord! You know how to fight without magic!!”

“I have no intentions of giving up being an Overlord…”

Wafer: It seems Morax is knowledgeable in various subjects, and is also called the “Professor Count”!
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Translations by Eis
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