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8Pillars 014 Kijin Enma Gamygyn


8Pillars 014
Card Name: Kijin Enma Gamygyn (Swift Horse Flame Demon Gamygyn)
Pow: 19
Name: Gamygyn <Male>
Race: Demon [Greed] <Marquis>
Attribute: Magic, Fire, Gold
Weapon: Kijinsensou “Sleipnir” (Swift Horse Battle-Spear Sleipnir)
Versus: Makenshi Ark
Special Skill: Necro Flame
One of Juumaoh’s officers. A knight who controls hellfire and moves at godspeed, who is said to be the fastest among the demons of Greed.
“Bravo!! Despite losing your magic power, your sword techniques remain spotless! I hold nothing but amazement!”

“I’m up against a wall here… I’ve got no choice but to depend on my skill!”

Wafer: It seems Gamygyn possesses the power to control the spirits of the dead, and is also called the “Wraith Marquis”!
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Translations by Eis
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