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8Pillars 013 Kouyoku Enbu Phoenicia


8Pillars 013
Card Name: Kouyoku Enbu Phoenicia (Light Winged Flame Dancing Phoenicia)
Pow: 20
Name: Phoenicia <Female>
Race: Demon [Greed] <Marchioness>
Attribute: Magic, Light, Fire, Earth
Treasure: Phoenix Down
Versus: Seitenma Arcana
Special Skill: Sacred Flame
One of Juumaoh’s officers. A lady who is veiled in regenerating flame, and possesses both high restorative powers and an immortal body.
“I don’t get what you and Mammon are all hoping for from a failure of an Overlord like that”

“Shut up! I won’t let you get in Master Ark’s way!”

Wafer: It seems Phoenicia’s singing voice is extremely beautiful, and all who hear it have their hearts stolen by its beauty!
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Translations by Eis
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