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8Pillars 010 Koumaoh Lucifer


8Pillars 010
Card Name: Koumaoh Lucifer (Light Demon Lord Lucifer)
Pow: 30
Name: Lucifer <Male>
Race: Demon [Pride] <Demon Lord>
Attribute: Magic, Light, Fire, Earth, Wind, Thunder
Treasure: Yoake no Myoujou (Phosphorus, The Morning Star)
Surveillance: Makenshi Ark
Special Skill: Golden Dawn
Ruler of the Pride demons and one of the Seven Demon Lords. He has a well-mannered and prideful personality. He holds the Pillar Piece of Justice.
“First we shall observe… Is the Ark right now, worthy to call himself our king? I shall observe as much as I require…”

“You sure are obstinate, as usual”

Wafer: It seems the Koumaoh is a leader-like presence among the Seven Demon Lords, and is second only to the Overlord in rank!
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Translations by Eis
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