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8Pillars 009 Seitenma Arcana

  8Pillars 009
Card Name: Seitenma Arcana (Star Sky Demon Arcana)
Pow: ?
Name: Arcana Trust <Female>
Race: Demon [Vice] <Duchess>
Attribute: Magic, Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Wood, Gold, Earth
Treasure: Fan given by the Overlord
Master: Makenshi Ark
Special Skill: Devil Beam
The Overlord’s only servant familiar. She adores Ark, and has devoted everything she has to him, tending to his everyday life.
“No matter what you have become, Master Ark, Arca will always be your familiar!”

“Thank you… Arca”

Wafer: It seems the seven stolen Pillar Pieces have found themselves in the hands of each of the seven Demon Lords!

P05 Seitenma Arcana (Circle-K Thanks Limited Ver.)

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Translations by Eis
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