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8Pillars 008 Makai Kenshi Ark


8Pillars 008
Card Name: Makai Kenshi Ark (Arcane Swordsman Ark)
Pow: 20
Name: Ark Matheus <Male>
Race: Demon [Vice] <Magic Swordsman>
Attribute: Magic, Light, Dark, Thunder
Weapon: Demon Sword Gram, Demon Sword Tyrfing
Versus: Juumaoh Mammon
Special Skill: Shin Ark Strash (True Ark Strash)
Unsealing Heero’s “Pillar Piece of Hope”, Ark regains a part of his magic power. Will he become the sword that commands the arcane!?
“The difference in magic power doesn’t necessarily decide the difference in strength! I’ll show you, Mammon!!”

“Show me, Ark! Show me the power of the Overlord that I so admire!!”

Wafer: It seems that a huge amount of magic power is needed in order to use the Demon Sword Gram, and Ark as he is now is not even able to unsheathe it from its scabbard!


The “Eight Pillar Piece Challenge” involved entering serial numbers from select cards on – winners could have both P01 Makai Senshi Ark and P02 Seijo Aria mailed to them (in Japan only, of course).

P01 Makai Kenshi Ark (Eight Pillar Piece Challenge Limited Ver.)


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Translations by Eis
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