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8Pillars 006 Mahou Tsukai Magicko


8Pillars 006
Card Name: Mahou Tsukai Magicko (Magic User Magicko)
Pow: 10
Name: Magicko Magicka <Female>
Race: Human <Magic User>
Attribute: Magic, Fire, Ice
Weapon: Magic Staff Ankh-Gulus
Ally: Yuusha Heero
Special Skill: Hell Blaze, Death Blizzard
A member of the Overlord Subjugation Squad “Punishers”. Manipulating the arcane, she attacks using the absolute power of magic.
“Ark, you’re now my underling got it!? So for now, teach me all the spells in this grimoire!!”

“That’s no problem! Ask me anything!”

Wafer: It seems the Demon Sword Tyrfing was the only demonic blade in the human realm, and it was sent by Saint Aria herself!


It seems there’s no real difference with the Circle-K version of the card, just that it was distributed at these locations directly.

006 Mahou Tsukai Magicko (Circle-K Thanks Priviledge Distribution)

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Translations by Eis
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