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8Pillars 005 Senshi Ikusa


8Pillars 005
Card Name: Senshi Ikusa (Warrior Ikusa)
Pow: 11
Name: Ikusa Mitsurugi <Female>
Race: Human <Warrior>
Attribute: Gold, Earth
Weapon: Great Sword Gigant Buster
Ally: Yuusha Heero
Special Skill: Diamond Break
A member of the Overlord Subjugation Squad “Punishers”. She acts as the party’s tank and stops enemy attacks.
“Don’t act so friendly just because you look like a kid! If you think we’re gonna help all the time, then think again!”

“Hahahah, that’s pretty harsh”

Wafer: It seems that of the eight Pillar Pieces that absorbed Ark’s magic power, seven were stolen by the demons and their whereabouts have become unknown!
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