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8Pillars 004 Yuusha Heero


8Pillars 004
Card Name: Yuusha Heero (Hero Heero)
Pow: 12
Name: Heero Brave <Male>
Race: Human <Hero>
Attribute: Holy, Thunder
Weapon: Seiken Excalibur (Holy Sword Excalibur)
Surveillance: Makenshi Ark
Special Skill: Plasma Strash
Leader of the Overlord Subjugation Squad “Punishers”. He holds one of the Eight Pillar Pieces, the “Pillar Piece of Hope”.
“I don’t trust you! I’m only helping you because the king ordered it!”

“I understand, Sir Brave… I’ll bear it in mind…”

Wafer: It seems the Pillar Pieces are mystic artifacts capable of absorbing and sealing magic, and a single piece alone can even seal a High Class demon completely!
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Translations by Eis
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