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8Pillars 003 Seijo Aria


8Pillars 003
Card Name: Seijo Aria (Saint Aria)
Pow: 8
Name: Aria Tem Faustus <Female>
Race: Human <Princess>
Attribute: Holy, Light
Treasure: Holy Staff Twinkle Star
Father: Sage King Faust
Special Skill: Starlight Flash
The only daughter of Faust. She is liked by many and is called a Saint due to many miracles performed with her inborn holy power.
“I believe that you will be our saviour… please do your best”

“I intend to work hard to answer your hopes”

Wafer: It seems that in order to prepare for global rule once again, Ark left for his castle!


The “Eight Pillar Piece Challenge” involved entering serial numbers from select cards on – winners could have both P01 Makai Senshi Ark and P02 Seijo Aria mailed to them (in Japan only, of course).

P02 Seijo Aria (Eight Pillar Piece Challenge Limited Ver.)


P06 Seijo Aria (Shinra Banshou Frontier Limited Ver.)


All scans from
Translations by Eis
Shinra Bansho Choco is a property of Bandai.
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