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8Pillars 002 Kenjinoh Faust


8Pillars 002
Card Name: Kenjinoh Faust (Sage King Faust)
Pow: 9
Name: Faust Johan Faustus <Male>
Race: Human <King>
Attribute: Holy, Dark
Treasure: Holy Staff Alchemista
Rules: Human Realm
Special Skill: King Flash
The elderly king who rules over the Human Realm. Once a great sorcerer praised as the Great Sage, and even now spends all his time in arcane research.
“It’s in your hands, Heero. For the future of mankind, you must restore Ark as the Overlord!”

“Leave the surveillance of Ark to me!”

Wafer: It seems when Ark was defeated, he was sealed within the depths of the palace of the Human Realm!
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Translations by Eis
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