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8Pillars 001 Makenshi Ark


8Pillars 001
Card Name: Makenshi Ark (Magic Swordsman Ark)
Pow: 15
Name: Ark Matheus <Male>
Race: Demon [Vice] <Overlord>
Attribute: Magic, Light, Dark
Weapon: Maken Gram, Maken Tyrfing (Demon Sword Gram, Demon Sword Tyrfing)
Past: Daimaoh Ark
Special Skill: Ark Strash
The Overlord, whose form returned to that of a child due to having his power taken away by the Eight Pillar Pieces. He travels with the hero to regain his rule of the continent.
Rather than begin to wane in strength, the demons who lost their Overlord instead became much more violent and began to attack humans. It was the Overlord who suppressed the brutish demons, and controlled them through law and power. The humans repented from their actions, and had no other recourse but to undo the Overlord’s Seal to allow his resurrection. They desired the rule of the Overlord so that they may return to the peaceful way of life. Under the surveillance of the hero, Heero, the Overlord’s adventure to retake the continent begins!
“If both humans and demons come together and try to understand each other, they will surely become friends! I’ll prove it!”

 P07 Makenshi Ark (7-Eleven Limited Ver.)


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Translations by Eis
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