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12th Shinra Bansho, New Asmodeus Figure

getyouradultcoloringbookskillsreadyThe 12th Shinra Bansho chapter was announced during the latest World Hobby Fest, and is coming on April 18th. Pre-orders are already up at AmiAmi.

This particular chapter seems to carry an exploration theme, with the discovery of a new continent (which, keeping with the theme so far, resembles North and South America). Palusuke’s blog has the so-far sparse materials from WHF.

There was another surprise at the separate Wonder Fest in the form of a new Excellent Model figure, this time of Asmodeus, based on her appearance in Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, Volume 3. This was when her true form was revealed after having previously debuted in that chapter as Asmo-Deus.

In addition, the Alma figure made its first full color appearance. You can find more photos of the two here.

prettycolorsShinra Bansho Shikishi ART is out very soon, on February 22nd. These are mini-shikishi boards randomly packed with gum. The official website has been revealing previews of some of the new art to be found in packs. Pre-orders on AmiAmi, and possibly anywhere else you may care to look.


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