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Shinra Bansho on Puzzle & Dragons in America Again

First up, here’s your reminder on current available orders and pre-orders:
Shinra Bansho Ikki Kasei no Shou Vol. 3 (Out now) – AmiAmi
Scans of these cards also available for viewing on Palusuke
Shinra Bansho Shikishi ART (Due February) – AmiAmi
All of these may also be available anywhere else you may care to look.

toomuchkawaiilimitexceededabortabortThe Shinra Bansho collaboration is back on Puzzle & Dragon’s North American version again for mobile devices, running from 1/4 to 1/17 (…yes I’m late, I’m s-s-sorry e-everyone…) In addition to including all the previous characters, now you can get Alma, Polaris, and Balanciel. Kagato and Asmo-Deus also get new Ultimate Forms.

Just like the Japanese version, the Kapibara-san collaboration is running at the same time, allowing you to get the Kapibara-san versions of Alma and Polaris. Further details on P&D NA’s official Facebook page.

Meanwhile, in Japan…
Another Shinra Bansho collaboration is coming up, but it’s a bit different this time. Hikari gets her final form from Ikki-Kasei 3, but the remaining characters are actually existing Puzzle & Dragon characters rendered by Shinra Bansho artist Mitsuhiro Harakawa. (Info/images from P&D site)

Athena Another
Ronia Another
Sakuya Another

They previously debuted in Bandai’s Chouzetsu Puzzle & Dragons Wafer, a new wafer + card line replacing the previous P&D one they had going. These three cards are available by cutting out point stamps from the card backer to mail in.


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