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Ikki-Kasei Volume 3 on Dec. 14th, Shinra Bansho Shikishi ART in Feb. 2016

theeviloneistheonewithashirtAt long last, Shinra Bansho Ikki-Kasei no Shou Volume 3 is set for release on December 14th. With this year’s break from the traditional quarterly format, this is actually the last volume for Ikki-Kasei. Pre-orders are up at AmiAmi or anywhere that sells boxes.

A number of the cards were previewed at a recent Banday Candy Toy event, photos of which you can check out on Dmzil’s blog. You can also get a load of the CoroCoro magazine pages they were first announced in thanks to Palusuke’s blog, if you would like to see how a grown man acting like a maniac on the printed page sells amusements to children.

(A side note for those ordering: Being December, this falls in the middle of the busiest shipping time in many parts of the world – so instead of a cheap method, like unregistered SAL, it’s worth considering paying a bit extra to register it or bump it up to a safer, fast method like EMS.)
There was also an extra surprise: Another product, Shinra Bansho Shikishi ART, is set to come out on February 22nd, 2016. (Right image via Dmzil’s blog, linked above) The Shikishi ART line is another of Bandai’s candy toy products that uses pre-existing licenses like Naruto, Gintama, Macross, etc – they’re miniature shikishi boards featuring art from that franchise, with a small gum pack-in. Here’s a video with an example of a Madoka Magica set released previously.

Although they’re mini by typical shikishi standards, they’re much larger than cards, and as such more expensive, coming to 280 yen a pack. It looks like the Shinra Bansho collection is going to feature previously used art, from packaging and other sources (largely only otherwise published in the Premium Bandai exclusive Shinra Bansho Art Works book), although it has yet to be confirmed if there will be any new art.

There are no pre-orders available currently, but keep an eye here for updates.

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