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Ikki-Kasei 2 Released, Figure Pre-orders, and More

imnotgoingtoaskwhatsgoingonhereThe newest Shinra Bansho chapter, Ikki-Kasei no Shou Volume 2, is out now! It can be ordered from AmiAmi or anywhere else that sells boxes. Here’s the commercial for it on YouTube. And of course, if you’d simply like to view scans of this set’s cards, Palusuke already has everything available for viewing.

Some notes about this set:
-The collaboration cards this time include the Saiga and Kiriko artwork from Puzzle & Dragons not included in the last set.
-There are two Kapibara-san (the capybara mascot character) collaboration cards, one featuring Chapter 1 character Alma available from regular cards by the normal artist, and one of Polaris by the Kapibara-san artist. See them both here.
-The latter is only available through this time’s Heaven Crystal mail-in service, along with a Hikari in a summer dress and Kagato looking fierce.
-Remaining collaboration cards to speak of are from Mister Donut, available only from buying a kid’s meal at their locations. One is simply a variant of Kagato, but the other features new art of Hikari encouraging you to take up bad eating habits.

Figure Pre-Orders

Good news/bad news situation with the new Arcana figure coming out this November. Bad news is, it’s a limited run exclusive figure, meaning it’s only available for pre-order from now to August 25th (it comes out in November) and places like AmiAmi won’t ship it outside Japan. Good news is, some online figure stores selling outside Japan are getting orders for it anyway, although of course there’s no guarantee how long that’ll continue past this month.

Here’s a run down of all the Shinra Bansho figures you can pre-order now:

FIGURE-012800_01Excellent Model ArcanaNovember 2015 (Limited August Pre-order Period)
Tokyo Otaku Mode
Anime Island
Yellow Submarine via Rakuten
Ixu Deviance
Kappa Hobby on eBay
…and possibly any other figure seller you may care to check.

FIGURE-006279_01Excellent Model Astaroth – Late August 2015
A re-release of the figure from last year.
Hobby Link Japan
Hobby Search
Anime Island
Tokyo Otaku Mode
Solaris Japan
…and possibly any other figure seller you may care to check.


Excellent Model Izuna – Late September 2015
Has a limited first edition artwork bonus and a store bonus at some locations (See this post for details)
AmiAmi (includes the store bonus)
Hobby Link Japan
Hobby Search
Anime Island
Tokyo Otaku Mode
…and possibly any other figure seller you may care to check.

Current Puzzles and Dragons Collab Detailsmaximumallpowerfulkawaii

Finally, the latest Puzzle and Dragons collaboration just came and went on the mobile game in Japan (my apologies for not posting about it here earlier). I did write some details about it over at Puzzle and Dragons Forum, running down all the new characters. Interestingly, even the Kapibara-san collab Polaris is it – and fortunately, said capybara has already been in the North American version of the game, so this will likely not be an impediment on getting her whenever this hopefully hits over here.

One other related tidbit: The main Shinra Bansho artist, Mitsuhiro Harakawa, also did a character for a card (far left) for the mail-in bonus for Chouzetsu Puzzle & Dragon Wafers, also from Bandai. Not aware if they will be featured in the game (or already are)…


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