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New Translations, New Figures, New Puzzle & Dragons, & More

ZX Factor Volume 3 is ntomcruiseow up in our Card Translations section! Why is everyone after Kai? Find out, thanks to Smash Spirit’s hard work translating this installment!

A new anime commercial is out for Shinra Bansho Ikki Kasei no Shou Volume 1 – click here to see it on YouTube! This newest set is due out on April 6th. As usual, it can be pre-ordered on

However, actually has scans of the full set right here already – this is thanks to the Shinra Bansho Grand Festival, which took place this past March 29th, where it was sold early. A whole ton of news came up through this event, sorted here:

New Excellent Model Figuresstoplookingatmeyouresoembarrassinggosh
Arcana, originally from Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, is going to be the next new figure in the line, following Astaroth and the yet-to-be-released Izuna. Based on her card in Volume 4 of Daimao, an unpainted prototype was on display.

In addition to that, there will be a variant on the aforementioned Izuna figure, with alternate colors and a frowny face based on her ZX Factor Volume 4 card. Check out Figsoku for a post with photos of each. It’s not yet clear how this other Izuna is going to be released and how limited it may be, so stay tuned for details. Also, here’s a good direct comparison of the two Izunas.

-The normal Izuna figure is set to be released this September 2015.
-In addition, the Astaroth figure will see a re-release in August 2015.

New Puzzle & Dragons Collab Running in Japan Nownothingtodowithtakaraproducts
It started on 3/30 and will run through 4/12. Previously mentioned, this current collaboration with the popular mobile game is yet again reusing art from existing Shinra Bansho cards, much more than the last time it would seem. All eight of the previous heroes are present thanks to the use of their Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Volume 4 incarnations. Kagato and Hikari from Ikki Kasei are also present.

Dragon’s blog has a good look at the the main characters present, as well as a video of some of the Shinra Bansho material in action.

On top of that, there’s versions of Saiga, Asmodeus, and Kiriko (from ZX Factor) with new art by Yosuke Adachi. Each have two forms. Here’s the really interesting thing though: These are actually also being used on real Shinra Bansho cards! Which leads right into the next subject…

New Ikki Kasei no Shou Detailsfezrare
This installment will feature Collaboration Cards for the first time, and four them are directly from the Puzzle & Dragons collab, of Saiga and Asmodeus. Two more, of Alfeene and the ninjas Izayoi/Zangetsu, round it out, with new art by Akatsuki Gomoku, who also did the art for the Megahouse keychains and badges mentioned in the last post (which, by the way, each now come with a bonus sticker when ordered through AmiAmi).

This set has 36 cards, a higher amount than usual. It seems the usual release schedule is being changed to accommodate this: Rather than the usual 4 times a year in April-July-October-January, it will now be 3 times a year in April-August-December.

The Heaven Crystal Replacement Service is also being introduced, replacing Wafer Points as a way to redeem special prizes: rather than cutting out and mailing in parts of the card backers inside packs, now you log in with a Bandai Namco ID and enter in a code printed on them. Points can be used to receive not only cards, but also copies of original line artwork.

Unfortunately, it does seem that IDs from outside Japan don’t work, but international shipping is likely unavailable anyway. Shipping within Japan, it seems, still needs to be paid for too. Some futzing around and the help of a very understanding friend in Japan or forwarding service will be required.

WAFERMAN IS REAL!!!waferlife
The previously region blocked stream of the Shinra Bansho Grand Festival is available for viewing here – it features a tour of the features available to attendees, including the 3D effect show (which of course isn’t very 3D on a streamed video). Highlights include Izuna and Hikari cosplayers, and the presence Waferman himself, who is an actual creature who walks this Earth you and I both stand on this very moment.

(A side note: That 3D show was put together by Naked Inc, who also developed the Hako Vision candy toy which Bandai distributes – they’re little display boxes that use the assistance of a smart phone to create 3D effects. Themed versions based on Gundam, Hatsune Miku, and other stuff have been made)

The bulk of the time is spent on a panel featuring voice actors going over Shinra Bansho history and trivia…all untranslated here of course. But you will surely want to witness how our valiant hero Waferman overcomes the gargantuan obstacle of slight changes in elevation to appear on stage and tell everyone about the plot of Ikki Kasei no Shou.

We remain forever grateful for your efforts, Waferman.


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