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Yen Value Means Cheaper Boxes – Final Tenchi Shinmei Out Now

BOYSBOYSBOYSohandsomegirlsIguesswhateverThe last installment of Shinra Bansho Tenchi Shinmei no Shou, Volume 4, is out now. It’s available to buy AmiAmi and anywhere else that stocks it. Meanwhile, has scans of the entire set ready to view right this moment. This particular volume features every Shinra Bansho protagonist to date (…except poor Fugaku).

There’s also a new commercial to see here, which, much like last year, previews a card which hints at the next story.

It’s worth noting that currently, the Japanese Yen is very weak, meaning other currencies (especially the US dollar) can get more out of it: Basically, it’s like a discount on anything sold in yen. Due to this, Shinra Bansho boxes are cheaper than they’ve ever been, so now’s a good time to buy. On that note, AmiAmi also still has Tenchi Shinmei Vol. 3 in stock.

For those of you who have access to a forwarding service or a friend in Japan, the Premium Bandai site exclusive card albums are also out soon – no international shipping makes one of the first two things necessary, but the yen value at least makes it less painful than it could be.


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