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Izuna Figure, New Mechandise in 2015

itslikethoseconesyouputonyourcatordogsotheydontscratchofftheirstitchesexceptforyourarmsRight on the heels of the Astaroth figure released earlier this month, Megahouse is adding another Shinra Bansho figure to their Excellent Model line, this time Izuna from ZX Factor. She’s been also been featured in Shichiten no Hasha and more recently Tenchi Shinmei no Shou, but this particular appearance is based on her card in ZX Factor Volume 4.

The prototype was shown off at Mega Hobby Expo 2014, and it looks like it’ll be coming out sometime in 2015.
Also in 2015, Shinra Bansho characters will be coming to the Fortune Badge and W Rubber Mascot lines – two series of pins and keychains. New original SD/chibi art is being used, covering a range of characters from over the years.

Side note:, the source of the card scans and much of the information on this site, now has an active blog being updated! So far it’s covering a range modern snack-with-collectible products in the same vein as Bikkuriman and Shinra Bansho.

Finally, a disclaimer before this next item: It is a Premium Bandai website exclusive, which doesn’t ship overseas, so to acquire this item you will need an understanding forwarding service or a friend in Japan.

A pair of card albums, with new art of Saiga and Moebius, in an extra casing sleeve will be released in January. They also come with a pair of exclusive steel cards depicting the same artwork. Currently, it’s up for pre-order.


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