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Puzzle & Dragons: Shinra Bansho Chocolate’s Official American Debut!?

The North American version of the smartphone game Puzzles & Dragons will be getting the Shinra Bansho Chocolate collaboration this month!

While this doesn’t mean the cards/wafers are appearing here in any form, this marks the first official English language emergence of the franchise in general. The first outside of Japan at all, in fact. The details were posted via the game’s Facebook page:

“What is ShinraBansho Chocolate?” – Explains what SBC is at all to newcomers and shows off Apollo, Saiga, and Masterion.
“ShinraBansho Chocolate Collab” – Lists when the collab actually happens, specifically:

[Duration]: 10/6 (Mon), 12:00 AM – 10/19 (Sun), 11:59 PM (PDT)

Minor 10/6 Update – Added a Collaboration page covering this and one other thing

Since this will likely increase interest, I’ll try to make some time to add some things to the site I’ve been meaning to for a while. This includes:

-Photos and an overview of the Shinra Bansho Super Perfect Encyclopedia, which I so far have neglected to even add an entry for.
-Updates to the Story Guide regarding Tenchi Shinmei no Shou, and the end of Kuja Senran no Shou.
-This also means updates to the Blue Demon Guide, since the end of Kuja Senran includes finding out what happened to Belzebuth and Asmodeus.
-Possibly something about Shinra Bansho Frontier, the browser game which has been running for a while (in Japanese, obviously).
-Other exciting things…!?

And hey, here’s an ad for Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Volume 3! It’s out on October 13th, so why not pre-order it from somewhere?


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