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This October: Tenchi Shinmei Volume 3, New Ichiban Kuji

BxpPZmqCUAAmDeC.jpg largeWell hello there, has it been a while?

Shinra Bansho Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Volume 3 is set to come out, as expected, in October – 10/13, ominously enough. Pre-orders are already up at AmiAmi.BxpPCkUCAAAWZiU

Ryuga and Shizuku, previously seen as mail-in only cards in Volume 1, are back with new cards, alongside their old friends Taiga and Sho. On top of Ouki’s appearance in Volume 2, all five of the Heroes of Light of Shinra Bansho Chapter II and III have returned.

Mobius is sporting a new appearance, apparently having done uhhhh something with Nyarla, whom he made a contract with in Tenchi Shinmei Volume 2.

Finally, the new Shinra Bansho Ichiban Kuji announced a while ago takes place in October. See the old news post on the first one (way at the bottom) for info on what Ichiban Kuji is. In any case, this one appears to be similar, mostly consisting of sets of artwork which can be won, although with a new set of key chains and more original art. These will likely be hard to get outside Japan though – to what lengths will one have to go to obtain Balanciel’s adorably huge feet??

Images above are from DM’z-iL’s Twitter.


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