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Full 22 Minute Shinra Bansho Anime Streaming on YouTube!

JUST LOOK AT ALL THESE HANDSOME YOUNG MEN OHHHH MY GOODNESSBandai’s official Shinra Bansho YouTube page has put up the entire new “Shinra Bansho Choco 10th Anniversary Animation”, a 22 minute long feature animated by Sunrise!

This coincides with the July 7th release of Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Volume 2. As usual, it’s available for purchase AmiAmi and other places – and already has card scans to peruse.

The anime is, of course, entirely in Japanese, and not subtitled. You will find, though, that much of it is rather understandable if you’re familiar with the content of our Story Guide, since it flashes back to previous chapters (Chapter III and Ouga Rasen no Shou in particular).

Some quick details on things I hadn’t quite gotten around to adding that are relevant (Thanks to Eis for this info):

-The end of Kuja Senran no Shou and Apollo’s final battle against a transformed Mephisto is also depicted, complete with the appearance of Atum.
-Moebius created the world of the Solomon Continent, as well as the Three Wise Gods to oversee and protect it – Ark, Samael, and Uroboros (the latter two aren’t in this anime)
-Upon awakening, Moebius believes Balanciel and the gods are behind the Jashingun (Devil Swarm) who invaded. He acts to find out the truth and stop whatever the gods are planning.
-Saiga, Polaris, and Sirius have been reincarnated by Balanciel. They’re also more powerful than before. It’s worth noting that (not depicted in the anime) Moebius pals around with reincarnations of Raisen and Shion, who those three do not seem to recognize.


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