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Upcoming Products for Shinra Bansho, Kaiten Mutenmaru, and Bikkuriman

lookathowjazzedthesepeoplearejeezLots of notable stuff coming out, figured it’s worth its own update. Getting right to it:

cuteboysandagirlIguesswhatever-Shinra Bansho Choco: Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Volume 2 is (finally) available for pre-order. It comes out July 7th. Here it is at, and as usual, you can find other possible places to order in our Buying Guide.
-For some small previews of the cards included, see here and here. Mujina from Shichiten no Hasha is clearly back, and there’ll be another Wafer Point exchange for another pair of cards.
-For some details on how Wafer Points worked in Volume 1, see here.
-The Shinra Bansho Super Perfect Encyclopedia comes out a week later, July 16th. It’s also on AmiAmi, who does do combined shipping, so that’s a good chance to save a bit.
Our previous entry on what the Encyclopedia is.

917n0QGN4QL._SL1500_-Kaiten Mutenmaru is coming to Z/X – Zillions of Enemy X, a card game from Nippon Ichi (not a video game), as its yearly themed Extra Pack 3. It’s up for pre-order at AmiAmi and likely other places that stock the series. Out August 28th.
-A box has 10 packs, a pack has 7 cards. Each box also has 1 additional randomly packed Player Card. You can see a preview of the card art here.
-Here’s the entry for it on the Z/X Wikia, you nerd.
-There’s also two comic compilations. Here is the first, and here is the second, on, where you can log in with an Amazon account from other regions and use international shipping. June 27th is the release date (This week!)
-They publish portions of the still ongoing official web comic, specifically starting at the “Daiishou” part with Shamu Meruruusa and friends.
-They’re in full color, matching their source, and each also have their own bonus material, like character profiles and world setting information.

61x5-bHyj-L._SS500_-Bikkuriman Genga Art Collection is a big 432 page book coming August 23rd. It features the original black and white line art used on Bikkuriman stickers.
-Pre-order on AmiAmi here, or at here, or Hobby Search here.
-It’s not yet clear to me whether it has much color artwork as well. Either way, it also includes an exclusive sticker.
-As for what’s going on with ordering Shin Bikkuriman or Bikkuriman Legend 7, I am still unfortunately not seeing them appear at obvious sellers like
-A listing here seems to allude to a pre-order for August 5th, but I haven’t seen this mentioned elsewhere. I’ll be keeping an eye out, though.


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