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Maxius, Nyarla, Kai, Sai and More Return in Tenchi Shinmei Volume 2

moebiusandfriends2014Sick of blue people yet? Well too bad, because thanks to Coro Coro, we know we’ll be getting more in Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Volume 2, which seems it’ll be living up to its “Shinra Bansho All-Star War” premise.

First up, Moebius is seen wielding the sword (…thing) which Kenken used in ZX Factor. Back in ZX Factor, students had Soul Beasts they’d team with, and Nyarla, seen in Pre-Spirit Burst form on his card, was with him.

Interestingly, a Wafer Man post on the official website right before this indicated the Arcana Tarot, used to summon heroes from other dimensions in Kuja Senran no Shou before this, were being blocked by the heavens somehow. Apparently, Moebius has found a way around this…

Here’s a run down of the returning characters:

As noted above, she is from the world of ZX Factor. It seems Moebius managed to summon and make a contract with her, so she’s on his side. Here’s her Spirit Burst form (i.e. not tiny person version) card from ZX.

The protagonist of Shingoku no Shou and Ouga Rasen no Shou, his exploits are cataloged in our Story Guide here. Those who have read it before may recall he fought and defeated the previous incarnation of Moebius at the climax of Ouga Rasen. He appears here pretty much as he did at the end of that story.

The protagonist of ZX Factor. He appears here in the same final form he achieved at the end of ZX, although perhaps a bit aged.

The protagonist of Shichiten no Hasha. He is the son of Kai and Izuna. He appears here with his normal outfit and the multi-glowing tails he has at one point in Shichiten Vol. 4. Notably, his sword’s notches are empty – over the course with Shichiten, they were filled with orb power ups from other characters.

The pack covers for Volume 2
Featuring Moebius doing his best Yugi impression, they indicate the return of Zeronix, Maxi’s rival/friend from Shingoku/Ouga Rasen and Hellmatio from Chapter III, one of the gods who fought Ryuga’s group (Shizuku, specifically) on behalf of Deathtoll. That story is broadly outlined in our Story Guide. She was one of the more surprising poll winners in the Top Characters Selection.

The way the packs are done up would seem to indicate who is on whose side, but I’m not gonna get too far ahead of myself yet (although it would make sense for Maxi to be heaven’s errand boy again).

Finally, one other item of interest
A “Special Limited Animation” DVD, shared between Shinra Bansho and something else I don’t recognize yet. I didn’t add it to the headline since I don’t quite know what it is, although seeing as how it’s sharing real estate, it’s likely to just be existing anime promos compiled.


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