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Pre-Orders for Astaroth Figure, Shinra Bansho Encyclopedia

item_0000001357_10First up, Megahouse’s Excellent Model 1/8 scale Astaroth figure is now dated for release this October, for 8800 yen.

Many more photos have been released at this point, so check out the Excellent Model report site and its product listing on the Megahobby site, which also offers a full 360 degree rotating view.

Pre-orders are now up just about everywhere such figures are sold.
Here are a few of the listings you can order it from now:
Hobby Link Japan
Hobby Search
Anime Island
eBay (toysonline2002) has a good listing of other potential retailers. It is likely more places will put up pre-orders under various naming, so keep an eye out if your favorite place doesn’t show anything yet. Also, it’s worth noting that Shinra Bansho Choco Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Volume 3 should be out in October, making for a combined shipping opportunity at places that offer the wafers (like AmiAmi).  神羅万象チョコ 超完璧大全 - MAINThe Shinra Bansho Super Perfect Encyclopedia is still coming this July 16th, and here’s the places I’ve found you can order it from so far:
-Can use an existing Amazon account from other regions to order.
-Tenchi Shinmei Volume 2 should be out in July, making for another combined shipping chance.
Hobby Search
-Haven’t stocked Shinra Bansho wafers in a while, but have various hobbyist items.

If anyone spots anywhere else to pre-order this book, let me know in the comments here, or on the Tweets or the Facebooks.

On a side note, I updated the “Where can you buy Shinra Bansho cards?” section to reflect that Plamoya has been stocking older Shinra Bansho boxes, most notably Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar Volume 1 from 2012 (which we also have fully translated!)


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  1. Ah man, freakin’ glorious! Thanks for keeping us so well updated!


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