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Astaroth Figure In Color + Small Updates

imsurethoseofyouwithaweirdpaintingthingwillappreciatethisFreshly photographed from a magazine, here’s some images of a painted Astaroth figure prototype, coming from Mega Hobby’s Excellent Model line: Here for the one to the left and another choice close up here. The sculpt is by Norio Kibayashi.

Some higher quality images of the unpainted prototype can be found on their site.

In other Shinra Bansho product related news:

You can now pre-order the Shinra Bansho Super Perfect Encyclopedia from See our last post for more info on what it is. It’s worth noting that Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Volume 2 should be coming out that same month, July, and they do combined shipping, so it may be a good chance to save some money.
-It looks like there will be another Shinra Bansho Ichiban Kuji this October, based on Tenchi Shinmei no Shou. For a little info on the last one, see this previous news post, towards the bottom.

A few small site updates:
-All instances of “Sion” have been changed to “Shion” – Seiranken Shion specifically, known in part for being Astaroth’s rival in their first appearance. She was already inconsistently referred to as such, but as I was noticing a boost in searches for her lately, likely due to her recent appearance in Tenchi Shinmei and all the fan art that comes with that, I decided to stick to the more popular version. I am pretty confident in our character naming choices otherwise, so there likely won’t be many future changes like this.
-A reference to Asmodeus and Belzebuth’s participation in the Holy Grail Tower battle in Ouga Rasen no Shou was added to the Blue Demon Guide, which I neglected to update after it was confirmed in the Story Guide. So if you’ve already read that, this is nothing new.
The Garbage Pail Kids / Bukimi-kun section has been updated to mention a new Bukimi-kun set released by Topps online aimed at collectors. So it’s not an actual revival of the Japanese arm of the franchise, but rather a set of variants for enthusiasts.


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  1. Mmmm, absolutely stunning. Was worried when I saw the unpainted prototype that they would give her that annoying “bubbly” face ‘just because’, but they seem to be painting that wicked smirk of hers to some extent. Hurray!

  2. Very cool figure, I’m really tempted to preorder when it becomes available!


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