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Shinra Bansho Super Perfect Encyclopedia – Coming July 16th  神羅万象チョコ 超完璧大全 - MAINWith the tenth set here, the franchise’s anniversary, and the lack of a guide book since 2008, one would imagine it’s high time for new one. And it looks like that’s exactly right: Shinra Bansho Choco Chou Kanpeki Taizen will be out on July 16th!

See the official site here – and its listing here. Like the Kanpeki Taizen and Card Taizen books before it, detailed here with links to our own overviews, it’s a book with a complete listing of all Shinra Bansho card images up to this point. The last one only covered up to Fugakuden, and there’s been six full installments since then, plus the current ongoing chapter. That means this book looks to be by far the most comprehensive guide book to date.

At 3780 yen (which includes the tax – roughly $37 USD), the price is higher than even the hard cover, higher page count Kanpeki Taizen, but there’s a few things to consider: The last book was half black and white text filler, while this one, with considerably more chapters to cover, will likely be almost entirely full color. Also, it includes with it not just one or two bonus cards, but FOUR. Those would be:

-A special card with all 10 protagonists up to now
-Kouryutei Saiga (Another Version)
-Nemuri Hime Alma (Another Version)
-Bishoujo Kenshi Ako-chan (Another Version)

If those last three sound familiar, they were the three top winners of the Top Characters Selection vote, so it’s likely these are color or holographic effect variants of the new art versions from that edition. But, it remains to be seen for sure.

It is worth noting, with the listing, you can still log in with your Amazon account from another region. There’s even an option to view the site in partial English with a link above the cart to the right. This is an item that can be bought and shipped internationally with their Amazon Global shipping option. Although it’s the only option, thanks to this being a paperback, it’s pretty reasonably priced – where I am, it comes out to 1200 yen (about $11/12 USD), which is quite decent for quality shipping.

As of now, it is the only place to pre-order it internationally, but I will post more news and retailers as available.


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