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Shinra Bansho Top Characters Selection Out Now!

FIG-COL-6412Now available for purchase, the Shinra Bansho Top Characters Selection features reprints of previously run character cards, with new holographic effects. Every single card in this set is holographic, even for characters who were not before.

30 characters were selected from the result of a popularity poll, but there are 38 cards to collect total – this is because it includes not only three new cards of the top ranking characters (Saiga, Alma, and Ako), but it also includes the variant versions of the cards that had one before, like Maxi with gold armor effects and Izuna with silver hair.

The set is more expensive than the usual boxes, but it’s a great opportunity for beginners and collectors alike to obtain popular characters whose original cards often command even higher prices. AmiAmi is currently sold out, but this is not unusual and they typically stock up again after the initial release, so keep an eye out. already has scans of every card available now, for those who’d prefer to browse.

Minor updates:
-To the Where to Buy, I added eBay as there’s been some activity there worth noting by now, and removed as they went out of business.
-As has been noted on Twitter and Facebook, I’m working on a huge update to the Story Guide incorporating new info Eis provided on the forum for Chapter III, Shingoku no Shou, and Ouga Rasen no Shou.


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