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Site Section Updates, Next Chapter Confirmations

1390093992555I’ve made some adjustments and additions to the site, namely:

-The “Merch” section is now “Cards & Merch“. It’s also been spruced up with some photos from my personal collection.
-New section, “Release List & Card Scans“. The chapter release dates been moved here, and it also functions as a directory to the card scans at For those of you who just like to browse cards, this should make life just a bit easier, so check it out.
-The Carddass Trading Card Game section has been updated with photos from my collection. The previously borrowed image there may or may not have been of fan made cards based on the TCG. I was aware of this for nearly two years now, but never got around to replacing it, so umm sorry about that. For posterity, here is that image and here is the blog it was from.
-I’m hoping to make a couple of additions to make the information here more comprehensive, but I’ve been short on time. Our more active fans may want to keep an eye on the forums, where I’ll be opening up my research a bit more in case anyone wants to contribute. Here’s my current subject.

Now then, you may be wondering about that image! To explain:
-It seems Chapter 10 is indeed “Tenchi Shinmei no Shou”, and the current release date appears to be 4/14/2014. It’s already up for pre-order on AmiAmi.
-The Japanese AmiAmi listing describes it as a “Shinra Bansho All-Star War!” The visitations of previous characters continue, in other words.
-So yes, it appears that really is Saiga and friends coming back.
-26 cards are listed for the set, down from the 30-or-so which has been the norm lately. This isn’t unheard of though, as some earlier sets dip as low as 24.’s front page currently has coverage of the World Hobby Fair 2014, which the flyer on the right is also from. It includes images of the Ichiban Kuji merchandise mentioned in the previous post.
-Mentioned on the posters there, there’ll be more web features, and also what appears to be another Ichiban Kuji write up with a sillouette of Astaroth. She’s not seen in any of the items in the February round, so perhaps there’s more to come…
Another look at the Wafer Man pillow, whose eternal stare and static smile is surely the perfect addition to any couch, daybed, or home security system.
-Finally, a listing of the Top Characters Selection with previews of the new holographic effects. But unfortunately nothing of the new illustrations.


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