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Astaroth “Excellent Model” Series Figure Coming Soon, Tons of New Similar Stuff Sections!

AREYOUREADYTRUEBELIEVERSSo here’s a bit of interesting merchandise news: Mega Hobby recently held a poll to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Excellent Model line of PVC figures. If you’ve never heard of these before, they’re basically fully complete statues. The top three voted would get an entry into the line.

Astaroth of Shinra Bansho was in the poll, and made it to third place – meaning there’ll be a fully complete Astaroth figure on the way! There hasn’t been an official one of her before, so this is quite something. Keep an eye here for details in the future!

Also, as mentioned before, I’ve prepared some more content for the Similar Stuff section – in fact, a full FOUR new sections! Those would be:

Gamura Twist / Ramen Bar Wrestling Gundan
Neclos Fortress
Garbage Pail Kids / Bukimi-kun
Other Seals and Stuff, for a variety of others that didn’t get their own section.

Enjoy, and yes indeed, now that all that’s taken care of, improvements to the Shinra Bansho sections (and your regular Shinra Bansho news) are on the way!


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