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New Section with Shamu Meruruusa + Shinra Bansho News + Persona Bikkuriman

titleYou’ll notice a new section at the top bar, called Similar Stuff – this is one I’ve had in mind for a while, to cover other character-centric trading card/sticker/collectable franchises.

First up is Kaiten Mutenmaru, something many of you may be indirectly familar with thanks to Shamu Meruruusa, a character who (much like Shinra Bansho’s Astaroth) became popular even outside Japan thanks to the high amount of fan art.


Don’t expect too many new entries there, as the focus of the site remains Shinra Bansho (and info on other such things is sorely lacking to begin with), although I might cover Bikkuriman sometime, the granddaddy of all this stuff.

And now for your Shinra Bansho news!

“Shinra Bansho Top Character Selection” will be the name of the box based on the result of the character ranking vote taking place right now, and it’ll be out in February 2014. Packs will go for 150 yen, as opposed to the usual 100 yen from normal boxes. The reason for the price hike isn’t explicitly stated, although I would speculate it’d make sense if all the cards are holo or otherwise shiny.

-It also hasn’t been stated for sure yet whether this supersedes a Kuja Senran Volume 4 coming out in January. They may yet do both. We’ll see.

-You’ll also notice an alternate color/holo pattern Saiga card shown. If you’ve got any Kuja Senran Volume 3 packs (of course you do!), you may have also noticed it shown on the back of the backing card. There is no physical card give away here – it’s a special Shinra Bansho Frontier digital card you can earn by voting in the character ranking, and then power up through further votes. This is in addition to being able to earn a not vote powerable version of the same card through a Seiryu Tower event in the game itself.

-Info confirmations come courtesy of Eis, naturally.

And since I figure there may be some Persona fans in the audience, here’s some Bikkuriman news!
BYJ8ErOCcAI4uvs.jpg large
As a promotion with the Persona 3 movie, Bikkuriman style stickers featuring Persona characters will be given out to film attendees in Japan. The original Bikkuriman seal artists worked on them to boot! For more info, see here.


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