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Astaroth’s Return Detailed, New Card Scans, Actual Site Name!

anadorablebattalionAs mentioned in previous updates, Astaroth is indeed back with a new card in Kuja Senran no Shou, which of course came out since last time on 10/14/2013. More specific story details on this are now up in the Blue Demon Guide, info which comes once again courtesy of Eis!

Now for a news briefing:

-Scans of Volume 3’s cards are now up at
-The second set of results of the Shinra Bansho Popularity Contest are in – they’re mostly the same as the first, save for a few characters jumping ahead or behind a few places, with only some of the very lowest ranking ones dropping off the list.
-The second Seal Maniacs fan event (Shinra Bansho/Bikkuriman themed) will be held in Japan on November 10th this year.

Also: Getting tired of referring to this stupid place as “Shinra Bansho WordPress” or “Shinra Bansho Fansite” or “That Place I Found Out Astaroth Isn’t in Any Anime AT ALL”? Well you’re in luck – this site shall henceforth be known as:

Shinra Bansho World!

Isn’t that such a deeply clever title? It only took nearly two years to come up with!

An incredibly gaudy new title banner has been created to match, in the hopes of reflecting the ornate, shiny nature of the trading cards themselves. And also to weed out those of you with weak, cowardly eyes. Shoo!


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