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Blue Demon Guide Up! Lots of New Info!

anadorablefamilyAnd at long last, our other new feature: The Blue Demon Guide!

Much like the Story Guide, it’s based on translations and research by Eis on our forums – but with even more new info!

Judging from the direction they’re going in with the current installment, it seems as if Astaroth’s return is inevitable. We’ll see…

Once again, Eis is the one to thank for providing all the additional material (and for putting up with my stupid questions)! Meanwhile, some more news:

-Kuja Senran no Shou Volume 2 is out, of course, and has scans of all the cards ready for browsing.
-This also means more something stuff on the forums, so check out the pinned topics.
-Speaking of which, the Kuja Senran Updates Thread maintained by Eis has got more card translations and Waferman tweets with new info ready to go, so check that out!
-Also thanks to Eis comes the news that the Shinra Bansho Eternal cell phone game through GREE is coming to an end.

Not shocking or terribly disastrous for the franchise, but it does raise the question of if we’ll ever see its trio of original characters again. Read up on their story in that link, or, revisit this old overview I keep forgetting to put somewhere of Shinra Bansho Coin Chocolate, a tie-in product that provided codes for the game. And bookmarks.


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