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New Story Guide Section Up! Shinra Bansho All-Stars! Mass Hysteria!

3r033Thanks for waiting!

At long last, the Story Guide section is up! Based on research and translations from our good friend Eis, it summarizes the basics of what’s going on in the various Shinra Bansho stories over the years – making this the most comprehensive English language resource on Shinra Bansho yet! Check it out!

Finally starting to feel like an actual site now, huh? Still, you may notice a few things: Mainly, there’s nothing on ZX Factor and Shichiten no Hasha right now. That’s still being looked into, so please be patient. Also, the level of detail varies – this was based on the information available. All of this is subject to update based on what becomes available. In the mean time, you should be thanking Eis for making this possible and offering ritual sacrifices!

And speaking of good news delivered by Eis: A Shinra Bansho All-Stars Popularity Contest has been launched! As described, when Kuja Senran Volume 2 is out on 7/15, folks can sign in and use serial codes coming with Shinra Bansho Choco packs to input their favorite characters. Then, the top 30 (or so) will get new holo card versions in February 2014! Here’s the announcement site.

Since Kuja Senran’s story involves summoning previous characters from other worlds, will this be the actual Volume 4 of this installment? Or will it be a Best Of line like Fugakuden? I suppose we’ll see!


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