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Kuja Senran Volume 2 Coming Soon + Keep an Eye on the Forum for Cool Things

ss (2013-06-22 at 09.29.46)Moving along as usual, Shinra Bansho Kuja Senran no Shou Volume 2 will be available 7/15. It’s up for pre-order at all the usual places. You can see a small preview of the featured cards here.

Interestingly, changed the term they use for the series – now you’ll have to search for “Shinra Bansho”, this site’s preferred spelling, as opposed to “Shinrabanshou”. Hmmm.

And, of course, apologies for my absence as of late – there’s often a dry spell of news between releases, but I did promise some new material a while back, which I haven’t had the time to finish putting together lately. I’ll get to it! Really!

Fortunately, others have picked up for my shameful slack – Eis has been updating the Kuja Senran thread on our forum this whole time – that means more card translations, Waferman tweets, and other assorted craziness.

Also, a certain someone has still been updating Something Something which you can find Somewhere on the forum! If you didn’t get the message last time, check out the top stickied post on the forum. You’ll figure it out. Probably.


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