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Something Something Somewhere Up! (And some other stuff)

tmnt-ii-posterMore of the STUFF that you LIKE is in the second section at the top that starts with a letter A. It’s all at kurenaiseiba’s Peche no Sekai Ver. B, who is once more the one to thank for preparing these for download – and also an anonymous fellow,  who discovered the crazy black magic necessary to get the latest S-S-STUFF.  Thanks again to you both!

As there’s more yet to go, keep an eye on that page for further updates.

In other news, as you might expect, scans of Kuja Senran no Shou Volume 1 cards are going up at

Lastly, some info about a bevy of (mostly minor) tweaks to the site here:

-Some very small changes were made to “What is Shinra Bansho?” and the “Card Series” section, to better reflect current knowledge.
-The “Where can you Shinra Bansho cards?” section has been overhauled, with a number of simplifications and more pertinent info at the top. Like quite a few of the early entries here, it was rather blathery (there was a severe lack of content back then, after all…)
-For similar reasons, might as well note some needless text was cut from the “Overview of the Shinra Bansho Encyclopedia”. Just enjoy the poor photos.


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