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Kuja Senran + Candy Toy News

cp01_02“Kuja Senran no Shou” is the title of this newest Shinra Bansho installment, which means “The Chapter of War of the Nine Evils”. has updated in preparation, mentioning the Puzzle & Dragons collaboration coming soon (see the last news post), and also a new promotion: Celebrating 100,000,000 in sales since 2005, a special “Shakuen Ouji Apollo” (“Blazing Flame Prince Apollo”) card will be available, decking the new protagonist out with a dorky little crown and everything! In Kuja Senran packs, there’s a chance of getting a special cardboard backing, which includes a ticket to cut out and mail in (within Japan, anyway), to get the card in return.

That’s one of a few ways to get it – for more details, see this forum post by Eis, who is once again the one to thank for all this great information!

And of course, pre-orders for Kuja Senran boxes are now open at available retailers –,, etc.

ld_kinder_suprise_egg_ll_130315_wmainAnd now for something different: Candy toy news!

Did you know that chocolate eggs containing toy and trinkets have been illegal in the US for years?

Well, I sure didn’t, so I was fascinated to read how a version of them have just recently been declared legal and made available in the US. It’s a popular item in a number of countries, including Japan – but thanks to a law from 1938 regarding embedding objects in food, they’ve long been a no-no in the States, resulting in fines and confiscations for those who dare try to spirit them across the border.

But by working with the FDA (among others) to design a version workable within the law, Candy Treasure LLC launched a new line of chocolate eggs, Choco Treasure – with a number of different variations and prizes, including a Spider-Man character license edition. I’d wondered why it seemed candy toys weren’t a big deal in this country…and, well, that explains a lot!

To celebrate, please enjoy this YouTube video of a guy opening up a couple of Marvel branded Japanese chocolate eggs, and repeatedly pulling out Captain America.


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